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Meteorito rugs by José María Balmaceda for Balmaceda Studio

Meteorito rugs by José María Balmaceda for Balmaceda Studio

Dezeen Showroom: Mexican designer José María Balmaceda of Balmaceda Studio has released the Meteorito rug collection, informed by the fragmented lights of a city skyline at night.

The Meteorito collection encompasses 10 different rugs with designs ranging from complex patterns to compositions cracked like mosaics.

Man next to chairs on a blue and yellow mosaic rug by José María Balmaceda
The Meteorito rug patterns are inspired by the urban skyline at night

"The inspiration for this collection is the urban landscape," said the textile designer. "It is the reflections of artificial lights on an empty city at 4am."

Balmaceda frequently travels to India and Nepal, and blends both countries' stylistic traditions with his own Mexican heritage to create rugs with a "multicultural tone".

Tables, chairs and lights on a monochrome Meteorito rug
The rugs are made from wool, bamboo silk and lurex

His workshop collaborates closely with local weavers throughout the rug-making process, with the aim of promoting the wellbeing of the artisans and their communities.

The Meteorito rugs are available in three sizes and hand-knotted in Nepal from a combination of wool, bamboo silk and metallic fibres such as lurex.

Product: Meteorito collection
Designer: José María Balmaceda
Brand: Balmaceda Studio
Contact: [email protected]

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