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A lighting control in gold

Palladiom Bespoke Metals lighting control collection by Focus SB and Lutron Electronics

Dezeen Showroom: electrical brands Focus SB and Lutron Electronics have collaborated on the Palladiom Bespoke Metals collection, which gives lighting controls a metallic finish.

The Palladiom Bespoke Metals collection gives Lutron Electronics' keypads a finish resembling textures like tree bark, antique metal or cork, and in colours including aged bronze or nickel silver.

 gold light control in a neutral, white interior
Palladiom Bespoke Metals collection features lighting control keypads in various textured finishes

The collection enables interior designers to match Lutron's lighting controls to other fixtures or accents, creating continuity throughout an interior.

In addition to the range of 19 standard finishes, there is the potential for designers to create custom finishes, by working with Focus SB's project support consultants. The designer has to provide a physical example of a piece of metal or ironmongery that they'd like Focus SB to match.

A metallic lighting control with four switches: morning, afternoon, evening and all off
There are 19 standard finishes plus the option to go bespoke

The liquid metal finishes come from British premium electrical accessories manufacturer Focus SB's recently launched Nature Inspired collection and are all applied by hand.

The finishes are applied to Lutron Electronics' HomeWorks QS Wired Palladiom raw brass faceplate kit, which feature one- or two-column keypads with buttons in white or black polymer.

Product: Palladiom Bespoke Metals
Designer: Focus SB
Brand: Lutron Electronics
Contact: [email protected]

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A metallic gold light control
A gold metallic light control
A metallic gold light control
A metallic light control
A metallic light control