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Modulo lighting collection by Federico Peri for CTO Lighting

Dezeen Showroom: designed by Federico Peri for CTO Lighting, the Modulo lighting collection is characterised by its interplay of opal and smoky textured glass.

The range includes a chandelier, pendant and wall light, all made up of the same oblong glass modules arranged into linear lighting sculptures and completed with architectural metalwork.

Modulo lighting collection by Federico Peri for CTO Lighting
The Modulo lighting collection is built on modules of smoked glass

Their shapes were inspired by Peri's childhood memories of playing in his grandfather's metalwork factory in Italy, building objects from metal parts that reminded him of the model construction system Meccano.

In the Modulo collection, these metal parts are reimagined as panes of smoked glass, each one unique in its imperfections and subtly tinted.

Fixed to these base plates are smooth opal glass domes containing dimmable LED lighting elements.

Modulo lighting collection by Federico Peri for CTO Lighting
A chandelier features in the collection along with a pendant and wall light

The Modulo chandelier features 11 such domes suspended on a grid structure while the pendant can be hung horizontally or vertically, either solo or combined into larger constellations.

The wall light features an adaptable design, topped with one to three domes apiece.

The brass metalwork comes in either a satin brass or bronze finish.

Products: Modulo chandelier, pendant and wall light
Designer: Federico Peri
Brand: CTO Lighting
Contact: [email protected]

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