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Furniture brand Porada launches Porada Essential video to spotlight its artisan techniques

Dezeen promotion: Italian furniture brand Porada has released a video called Porada Essential to showcase the blend of contemporary and traditional artisan techniques that go into its furniture design.

To capture its 70 years of furniture making, Porada's director Jacopo Rondinelli and creative director Marco Pianigiani launched the Porada Essential video, the first of two videos the brand is releasing this year.

A photograph of a wooden and glass table
The Porada Infinity Table comes in ash or solid Canaletto walnut

It is intended to represent Porada's diverse furniture range with a "big visual impact". With its launch, the company aims to showcase the important design elements of its furniture, while also referencing Porada's manufacturing methods and values.

The video series also aims to show how its wooden furniture pieces are designed to be long-lasting and interconnected to the natural world.

The brand manufactures wooden coffee tables, chairs and beds among other furniture items. It uses a range of wood, including ash and walnut, which is often combined with metal, glass and upholstery.

A photograph of a round wooden mirror
Porada is launching two videos this year to represent its diverse furniture range

Porada aims for its furniture to appear like pieces of art, while also referencing its long-standing values, including its artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail.

"In a time of disposable and low-cost furniture, Porada has always promoted the exact opposite," said the brand.

"By using only fine, top-quality materials crafted by our highly skilled artisans, our furniture pieces are all designed and intended to be a long-term investment, which can survive fashion trends and last over time."

A photograph of a wooden sculpture
The Porada Essential video is the first of two videos the furniture brand is launching this year

Most notable in its collection is the Porada Infinity Table, which is often accompanied by the Noemi, Nissa, or Ester chairs.

The wooden table has a 12 millimetre thick glass top that is available in a range of sizes and glass finishes, and its base comes in ash or solid Canaletto walnut.

It is made using a process that combines contemporary and traditional wood processing techniques, and its intertwining base is shown in the Porada Essential video.

A photograph of a wooden chair
The brand makes its pieces out of solid wood

Porada was founded in 1948 by Luigi Allievi. The family-run brand still maintains its centuries-old tradition of wood processing, using solid wood to make its furniture pieces.

The brand intends for its furniture to be "timeless" and has a group of international designers adding to its collections including David Dolcini, Patrick Jouin, Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Emmanuel Gallina, Tollgard & Castellani.

A photograph of Porada's wooden furniture
The brand aims for its furniture to appear like pieces of art

In 2011, Porada purchased 220 hectares of certified forests in Bourgogne, France. The brand uses this wood to make its furniture here, and as a result, it says its production chain has become shorter.

"The most recent forest purchased underwent proper cleaning and cutting procedures, aiming to improve and add value to the existing natural heritage, which is also being restored by the grafting of ashwood trees," said Porada.

A bird's eye view of a forest in France
The company uses wood from its 220 hectares of certified forests in Bourgogne to make its pieces

Porada has more than 15 showrooms in Europe and the Far East including showrooms in London and Via Borgospesso, Milan.

To view more of Porada's products visit its website.

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