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A photograph of a vertical wall unit

Cesar and Garcia Cumini create vertical wall unit informed by storage drawers

Dezeen promotion: Italian kitchen brand Cesar has unveiled a wall unit by design studio Garcia Cumini that aims to creatively furnish unused wall space in kitchens and living rooms.

Named Dressup, the cabinet is a modular wall system that was designed to be placed in any room in a home.

A photograph of Cesar's Dressup unit with a black finish
Top: volumes can be used in different combinations. Above: the shelving was finished in black

The concept for the unit was informed by traditional storage drawers. Garcia Cumini wanted to move from the use of a horizontal structure and apply the storage drawer concept to a vertical unit.

Dressup measures 22 centimetres in depth and can be arranged and constructed in a variety of combinations to best suit the spaces it is in.

A photograph of Cesar's Dressup unit with a black finish
It can be fitted with glass doors

The interchangeable system and door frames are available in a number of finishes, including ribbed aluminium, black, champagne and bronze.

Splashbacks for the kitchen settings come in different Cesar finishes such as melamine, lacquer, ceramic, marble and aggregates.

Dressup is placed above kitchen worktop
The unit can be placed in kitchens

The Dressup Line also comes with splashback options that can be paired with shelving units, creating an all-in-one integrated kitchen solution.

The system provides storable space for kitchen accessories and utensils and is suitable for daily use without compromising worksurface space.

A photograph of Cesar's Dressup unit with tableware upon it
Dressup was informed by storage drawers

Larger units were designed to incorporate panels that contain still-life artworks by photographer Zaira Zarotti.

Zarotti created vintage-inspired compositions that captured flowers and floral arrangements for its Dressup Art Collection.

A photograph of Cesar's Dressup unit with a floral finish
Units have panels to display artwork

The works were photographed in a way that allows the image to be rotated and repositioned both horizontally and vertically.

In place of the art pieces, mirrors can be used to create a further illusion of space.

To learn more about Cesar and to view its products visit the brand's website.

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