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TwoWay acoustical desk organiser by Impact Acoustic

TwoWay acoustic desk organiser by Impact Acoustic

Dezeen Showroom: Impact Acoustic's versatile TwoWay desk organiser is made of sound-absorbing felt and can be easily carried and stored away at the end of a workday.

Designed by Impact Acoustic co-founder Jeffrey Ibañez, TwoWay gets its name because it can be used in two positions. Lying down it serves as an in-tray while upright it can be picked up, moved and stored in a locker overnight.

TwoWay acoustical desk organiser by Impact Acoustic placed lying down forming an in-tray
The TwoWay desk organiser can be used lying down to function as a tray

The organiser can be relocated without disturbing its contents, with sections large enough to hold laptops, cables, pens, notebooks and other workday essentials.

TwoWay is made from Impact Acoustic's Archisonic material, which consists of recycled PET bottles and comes in 28 colours.

TwoWay acoustical desk organiser by Impact Acoustic in grey felt
The Archisonic material is made from recycled plastic bottles

The desk accessory is made in Switzerland in collaboration with a workshop employing disabled workers.

Impact Acoustic suggests combining TwoWay with other products using the same Archisonic material to create a cohesive look while dampening ambient noise.

Product: TwoWay
Designer: Jeffrey Ibañez
Brand: Impact Acoustic
Contact: [email protected]

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