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Acoustic Artwork

Acoustic Artwork noise minimisers by Narbutas

Dezeen Showroom: workplace furniture brand Narbutas has created three noise minimisers designed to control the sound and appearance of a room.

The Acoustic Artwork collection includes three acoustic products, called Partitions, Clouds and Tiles, which can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Partitions by Narbutas
The collection includes Partitions

Available in a series of dynamic colours, the collection aims to provide attractive solutions to controlling the acoustics of office space while not compromising on aesthetics.

The partitions are designed to separate various working environments such as areas intended for meetings or socialising.

Acoustic Clouds
Acoustic Clouds hang from the ceiling and muffle noise

The Acoustic Partitions in the collection "are walls that speak for themselves" and are designed to manage the flow of movement in an office.

Owing to their name, the Acoustic Clouds hang from ceilings like chandeliers and efficiently absorb ambient sounds.

The Acoustic Tiles are also built to minimise unnecessary noise and come in five different shapes and a selection of sizes in order to cater to various office-based needs.

Materials used to make the products
PET aims to be a sustainable material

Narbutas is committed to creating sustainable products. All of its acoustic noise minimisers are made from PET, which uses more than 50 per cent recycled plastic.

Product: Acoustic Artwork
Brand: Narbutas
Contact: [email protected]

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Acoustic Artwork by Narbutas
Acoustic Artwork by Narbutas
Acoustic Artwork by Narbutas
Acoustic Artwork by Narbutas
Acoustic Artwork by Narbutas