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Flek pure by 3form

Flek Pure by 3form is a completely recycled architectural material

Dezeen Showroom: architectural material manufacturer 3form has released Flek Pure, a recycled material that mimics the effect of terrazzo.

Flek Pure is the successor to 3form's previous Flek collection that was launched in 2019.

It is constructed with 100 per cent recycled materials, using a combination of 3form's in-house factory waste. This includes pelletized trimmings from the brand's resin products, which create Flek Pure's terrazzo look.

four Flek Pure swatches placed beside each other
The material is available in three different colours and a clear option

The material can be used to produce privacy partitions, room dividers, accent pieces and exterior walls.

Flek Pure has a translucent look that highlights the shadows and silhouettes of the objects behind it.

It is available in a range of swatches including two earth-toned hues, a bright yellow hue and a colourless option.

A decorative made using Flek Pure is mounted on a wall
The material can be used to create wall art

"The most exciting part of the design process was our motivation to keep innovating," said 3form's senior product development engineer, Charles Moore.

"We didn't stop when the Flek Collection first launched because we knew we wouldn't be satisfied until we reached 100 percent recycled material."

"This was a challenging, extensive process, but the result is so rewarding."

Product: Flek Pure
Brand: 3form
Contact: [email protected]

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