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Loggia Multi Colored Carpet by Talk Carpet

Loggia Multi-Colored carpet by Talk Carpet

Dezeen Showroom: Talk Carpet has unveiled its latest travel-inspired design, the Loggia Multi-Colored flooring, which takes its pattern from a 15th-century Italian mural.

The Loggia Multi-Colored carpet was born while the Talk Carpet team explored Italy, and alighted on Verona's Loggia del Consiglio, a Renaissance building from 1476.

In particular, their carpet borrows from a mural on one facade that features multicoloured squares spreading in a grid-like design across the wall.

Loggia Multi Colored Carpet by Talk Carpet
The Loggia Multi-Colored carpet has a pattern of squares based on a mural in Verona

Talk Carpet's design adapts this mural with muted tones of yellow, khaki green, mint green, and red.

"Each has the same shading as the squares in the façade to give them a 3D shape," said Talk Carpet founder Christophe Prosper Rammant.

"We love how this gives the illusion that they extend outward from the carpet and immediately add dimension to any space."

The design is part of Talk Carpet's custom carpet programme, which lets users choose their own pattern, colour, material, and dimensions.

One per cent of sales go to the charity Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS.

Product: Loggia Multi-Colored
Brand: Talk Carpet
Contact: [email protected]

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