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Close up of Talk Carpet's warm-coloured Moche Artisan Carpet

Moche Artisan Carpet by Talk Carpet

Dezeen Showroom: Talk Carpet has unveiled its latest flooring design called Moche Artisan Carpet, which references Peruvian pottery from the ancient Moche civilisation.

The conception of the Moche Artisan Carpet was informed by the Talk Carpet design team's travels to Museo Larco in Lima, in which they observed the impressive artisanal techniques and craftsmanship of Moche pottery.

Ceramics from the Moche era are characterised by hand-finished, rich iconography of religious symbols, repetitive patterns, and geometric shapes, adorned with motifs of animals, deities, and human rituals.

Talk Carpet's warm-coloured Moche Artisan Carpet used in a bedroom with low lighting
The carpet features abstracted geometric patterns borrowed from ancient Moche pottery

Talk Carpet has reimagined these geometric patterns in its design, featuring two abstracted motifs: a triangular shape, in which the hypotenuse is formed with steps, and a wave motif, designed to represent mountains and streams of water.

The carpet features a neutral tan background upon which the pared-back, stylised graphics borrowed from the authentic Peruvian ceramics are dispersed.

The carpet has a warm colour palette ranging from tan to camel to emulate the cream and reddish-brown colours found in Moche pottery. The neutral palette brings a sense of warmth and lends itself well to an inviting bedroom interior.

The carpet is available to order via the brand's Custom Carpet Program, which allows users to customise their flooring to suit specific requirements.

Product: Moche Artisan Carpet
Brand: Talk Carpet
Contact: [email protected]

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