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Lodes' product configurator allows users to "personalise living spaces with light"

Dezeen promotion: Venice-based lighting brand Lodes has launched a product configuration tool that enables users to personalise lighting compositions using a wide variety of suspended components.

The intuitive online system developed by Lodes allows architects, interior designers, or consumers to create personalised lighting solutions for use in any residential or public setting.

Users can choose suspension lamps from the Lodes or Diesel Living with Lodes collections and can combine these elements to form sculptural arrangements of their design.

The lighting options available include several types of decorative glass diffusers, such as the Jefferson pendant elements designed by Luca Nichetto in 2019.

Other options for the lighting elements include the linear forms of the A-Tube collection or the delicate and vibrant metal spheres of the Kelly lights.

A photograph of JIM by Patrick Norguet for Lodes
JIM by Patrick Norguet for Lodes

"At Lodes, we believe that personalising living spaces with light should be simple, accessible, and effective," said Lodes managing director, Massimiliano Tosetto.

"With the new product configurator, we bring to market a tool which is easy to use, simple, immediate, functional, and which allows instant visualisation of the compositions."

The configurator represents an evolution of an idea that Lodes first offered its customers in 2015. This latest, more sophisticated tool makes it straightforward for users to create accurate renders of products that they can save or share.

Once users have chosen one or more lighting elements, they then select an appropriate canopy style and composition based on the dimensions of the space where the fixture will be installed.

A photograph of Kelly Cluster in champagne by Lodes
Kelly Cluster in champagne by Lodes

The canopy options include single ceiling fixtures or cluster systems including round and rectangular options, as well as radial and track systems.

Each canopy is available in different finishes and can accommodate a varying number of lighting elements, which can be grouped together, staggered, or arranged in shapes such as pyramids or spirals.

The overall height of the system as well as the cable length of individual elements can be adjusted using the online tool, and different lamp finishes can be specified to ensure the uniqueness of the final composition.

A photograph of Random Solo by Chia-Ying Lee for Lodes
Random Solo by Chia-Ying Lee for Lodes

The completed project can be saved or downloaded along with the product codes for each unit. This makes further adjustments and ordering easier, while the realistic renders are ideal for use in mock-ups or presentations.

The product configurator embodies the Lodes philosophy of creating universal products that can be tailored to a user's unique creative and technical requirements.

To view more of Lodes' products, visit its website.

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