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Monto sit stand riser

Monto Sit Stand Riser gives option to work standing or sitting at any desk

Dezeen promotion: ergonomic products brand Colebrook Bosson Saunders has launched an adaptable desk riser, making it possible to type, write or sketch while sitting or standing.

Monto Sit Stand Riser is a height-adjustable surface that can be used with any desk, to allow a user to easily switch between seated or standing positions.

Monto sit stand riser
The product converts any desk for sit-to-stand working

It is designed to support the use of laptop or desktop computers and is stable enough to be used for writing or drawing without any vibration.

The design is also lightweight, portable, and easy to adjust by hand, so can be adapted to different activities, transported between locations, or stored away when not in use.

Monto sit stand riser
It can be used with desktop or laptop computers

"Whether in the office or in the home, customers who are not able or ready to transition to height-adjustable desking can use Monto to gain the benefits of sit-stand working with their existing furniture," said Colebrook Bosson Saunders.

"It is easily the most flexible sit-to-stand solution in the market."

Monto sit stand riser
An extended-height desk clamp allows Monto to work with Flo and Ollin monitor stands

Colebrook Bosson Saunders, also called CBS, specialises in ergonomic furniture solutions.

Among the brand's bestselling products are its high-performance Flo and Ollin monitor stands, which offer eye-level screen solutions for desktop computers.

Monto is designed to be compatible with these stands. CBS offers an extended-height desk clamp that can be used to increase the height range of a desktop screen, for a standing position.

Writing on a Monto sit stand riser
The surface is stable enough for writing or drawing

The product's other features include a soft-touch surface with curved edges, designed to be both comfortable and compatible for use with a computer mouse.

Cable management clips are also included, so users can keep their workspace tidy.

Monto sit stand riser
The aluminium legs can be adjusted to nine different height positions

Monto rests on cast aluminium legs, which come with a non-slip and anti-scratch base to protect the desk surface below.

The adjustable height functionality is enabled by spring-assisted mechanisms with gravity-lock latches, which create a smooth transition across nine possible positions.

A thin profile ensures that the surface is just as comfortable to use in a seated position as when standing, with a correct wrist position.

Carrying a Monto sit stand riser
The product can be carried or stored away when not in use

"When it's not in use, Monto's thin profile means it can be stacked neatly under a desk or in a cupboard to maximise precious storage space," added CBS.

The product is built to last but comes with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

For more information about Monto, visit the CBS website.

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