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White Gimbal Rocker lounge chair by Justin Champaign for Hightower on an orange backdrop

Gimbal Rocker lounge chair by Justin Champaign for Hightower

Dezeen Showroom: Justin Champaign has designed Hightower's Gimbal Rocker lounge chair, which encourages a healthy level of fidgeting in workplaces and waiting areas.

Available with a high or low back, the Gimbal Rocker combines the comfort of a lounge chair with the mental and physical benefits of a fidget or active chair.

Two blue Gimbal Rocker lounge chairs by Justin Champaign for Hightower in an office
The Gimbal Rocker combines the comforts of a lounge chair with the movement of a fidget chair

Its base facilitates natural rocking and swivel movements without the need for a mechanism and is engineered to function on a range of floor types while protecting the upholstery from direct contact with the floor.

Studies suggest this kind of subtle movement can boost focus, memory and attention while allowing users to sit comfortably for longer.

Close-up of padded headrest on seafoam green Gimbal Rocker lounge chair by Justin Champaign for Hightower
It is available with an optional cushioned headrest and ottoman

Hightower says the Gimbal Rocker is ideal for workspaces, hospitality, office lobbies and airport lounges, where it can serve as a statement piece while providing a memorable user experience.

It comes with an ottoman and an optional cushioned headrest, which can be ordered in either coordinating or contrasting upholstery. Gimbal Rocker is designed and made in the USA.

Product: Gimbal Rocker
Designer: Justin Champaign
Brand: Hightower
Contact: [email protected]

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