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The reflective exterior of Burberry's Jeju Island pop up shop

Burberry creates mirrored pop-up store on Jeju Island

British fashion brand Burberry has installed a pop-up store that reflects a surrounding mountain range on Jeju Island, South Korea, for its latest outerwear clothing collection.

Nestled at the foot of the Halla mountains on Jeju Island, The Imagined Landscapes Jeju is part of a series of Burberry outerwear pop-ups around the globe.

A mirrored building in green countryside
Burberry has created a series of pop-up shops for its outerwear collection

Made from plywood, timber and a reflective polycarbonate mirror material, the design is intended to marry nature with modernity and with the brand's contemporary identity.

The structure's undulating facade reflects the sky above and the nearby rolling hills, and also resembles the contour lines drawn to indicate elevation on topographic maps.

A mirrored building reflecting cloudy sky
The South Korean store reflects the surrounding Jeju Island countryside

"Its shape and reflective surfaces seamlessly merge with the beautiful natural surroundings, sitting at the foot of the majestic Halla mountain," the brand told Dezeen.

"Mountainous terrain is reinterpreted with modernity, as this imaginative structure is sculpted by architectural contour lines inspired by maps."

Imagine Landscapes pop-up shop with the word Burberry on the outside
Visitors enter into an immersive space where clothes are displayed

Once inside, customers step into a room that displays the brand's outerwear campaign and features an introduction to the work of three digital artists: Maotik, Cao Yuxi and Jiayu Liu.

A second room hosts the fashion house's collection of seasonal coats and jackets. Items include woollen coats, hooded puffer jackets and trench coats in Burberry's signature beige and black colours.

In the final room, visitors are surrounded by screens showing interactive films about the outdoors by the three artists. Maotik's film Infinite Landscapes tracks the audience's movements, using their behaviour to inform the computer-generated landscapes projected onto the screen.

Shoppers can also walk up to a viewing deck at the top of The Imagined Landscapes building via an external staircase that cuts through the structure.

The viewing platform offers panoramic views over the Sanbang Mountain, which is also located on the island, and of the surrounding seas.

The interior of Thomas Cafe by Burberry
A cafe with matching mirrored surfaces is in an adjacent building

A separate, smaller building a short walk from the mirrored structure houses a cafe where guests can indulge in local pastries.

Here, the interior is coloured in the same beige tones synonymous with the Burberry brand, including on a fabric with a deer print. Customers sit on chairs and tables covered in the same mirrored material found on the building's exterior.

Burberry has several other stores that allow customers to experience its products in unusual ways. Its Shenzhen flagship store lets customers use Tencent's WeChat app to interact with the window display and play their own music in the fitting rooms.

In one of its central London stores, a robot by artist Graham Hudson appeared to mill three-dimensional sculptures from inside a scaffolding structure.

The Imagined Landscapes Jeju is open until 12 December 2021.

The photographs are courtesy of Burberry.

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Imagined Landscapes pop-up shop by Burberry
Imagined Landscapes pop-up shop by Burberry
Imagined Landscapes pop-up shop by Burberry