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Opinion Ciatti's Macis desk in black leaned against a wall

Macis desk by Lapo Ciatti for Opinion Ciatti

Dezeen Showroom: Italian designer Lapo Ciatti has created the versatile Macis desk for Opinion Ciatti, which functions as a desk or table.

Macis has a minimal design with a steel structure and slim tabletop. According to Opinion Ciatti, it was designed in response to "the rapid transformations of our time".

Macis is intended to be used in both the home or in professional settings. The desk is made from steel and finished in matte black.

Opinion Ciatti's Macis desk in wood used in a home-office setting
The desk is made from steel and finished in light oak veneered wood

"A nomadic table-desk which is easy to move but also able to naturally blend in any context," said Opinion Ciatti. "A solid piece created to adapt to multiple uses, and above all, to last over time."

The desk has a depth of 70 centimetres and a sliding mechanism allows users to extend its length. It also features an aluminium roller that connects its two table legs, making it easy for the user to move around.

The Macis desk can also be used as a table

Users have the option of adding an under-top drawer and a round cork panel that can be used as a display board.

The tabletop and optional drawer are available in matte black, white PET or light oak veneered wood.

Product: Macis
Designer: Lapo Ciatti
Brand: Opinion Ciatti

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