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Kinnarps launches Creating Harmony campaign to highlight the benefits of holistic ergonomics

Dezeen promotion: furniture brand Kinnarps has launched a campaign called Creating Harmony to highlight the benefits of taking a holistic approach to ergonomics in interior design.

The Creating Harmony campaign includes a short film featuring a range of Kinnarps products alongside musical instruments, which aims to liken good ergonomics to music.

"Think of our products like instruments in an orchestra," said Kinnarps.

"It's impossible to do better business, reduce sick leave or injuries and foster a sound working environment if things are unbalanced and untuned," the brand continued.

"In short, this part of ergonomics focuses on all the things that you can feel and experience with your senses."

A photograph of a person resting their arm on a chair
Kinnarps believes that a space's furniture, light and colours can have an effect on office culture

According to the brand, holistic ergonomics is a scientific discipline that connects organisational and social factors with the physical environment.

Kinnarps believes that a space's furniture, air, temperature, light, sound and colours can have a big impact on factors such as human behaviour, individuality, inclusion and culture.

"When these two worlds are brought together and given due consideration, something tangible and measurable happens," said Kinnarps.

Creating Harmony intends to illustrate that a holistic approach is straightforward and can help create a healthy environment where people can meet their goals.

As well as the video, the brand has published a number of articles highlighting its ergonomic research, including how to design acoustics in open-plan offices and how adjusting your desk height can improve the working day.

A photograph of a violin resting on a chair
Kinnarps' Creative Harmony campaign likens its products to instruments in an orchestra

Kinnarps delivers interior design solutions for offices, healthcare facilities and schools and believes that ergonomic design in interiors will have increasing importance as the "job market in flux impose new demands on both interior design and people".

The brand believes that a well-functioning working environment results in staff who perform better at work and makes it easier to recruit new staff and retain employees.

"Kinnarps holistic perspective starts by putting the well-being, creativity, and productivity of people first," said the brand.

"As well as boosting productivity and efficiency, people's daily tasks become easier, more convenient, and healthier to perform. The right ergonomic solution will have a greater impact on a company's bottom line."

To view more about Creating Harmony, visit Kinnarps' website

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