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Herbarium lighting installation by Maria Culenova for Lasvit having over a brown sofa in a living room

Herbarium lighting installation by Maria Culenova for Lasvit

Dezeen Showroom: created by Maria Culenova for Lasvit, the Herbarium lighting installation is made of unique glass elements that bear the imprint of different flowers and plants.

Part of Lasvit's Icons series of ready-to-order lighting installations, Herbarium consists of a constellation of suspended droplet-shaped glass pieces, each embedded with the impression of real foliage.

Close-up of glass droplet on the Herbarium lighting installation by Maria Culenova
The Herbarium installation is imprinted with leaves and flowers

Some of the plants were first coated in gold paint, creating traces of warmth within the forest of clear glass.

"What we wanted to do in Herbarium was to capture the wilderness, so anyone can take home a piece of the Bohemian meadow frozen in glass," said Culenova, a Lasvit chief designer.

Glass lighting installation by Maria Culenova hanging over a brown sofa in a living room
The light is available in nine standardised versions

Nine versions of Herbarium are available as part of the Icons series, including oval and round models in three sizes plus three special formations designed for living rooms and staircases.

While their shapes are standardised, each lighting installation is as unique as the flowers it holds. Herbarium can also be ordered bespoke to any dimensions and can be personalised with the client's choice of plants.

Product: Herbarium
Designer: Maria Culenova
Brand: Lasvit
Contact: [email protected]

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