The Bocuse dining table used in an outdoor poolside setting

Bocuse dining table by Oakâme presented at Maison & Objet

Dezeen Showroom: presented at Maison & Objet, designer Hugo Gaveau has created a rustic dining table for French furniture company Oakâme, which is made from reclaimed oak beams.

The Bocuse dining table is one of a selection of products available through French furniture and design fair Maison & Objet.

The Bocuse table in a contemporary dining room with dinner plates and cutlery arranged on top
The Bocuse dining table is made with aged solid oak sourced from buildings across Europe

The dining table is made from aged wood that has been reclaimed from nineteenth and twentieth-century buildings across eastern Europe.

Some tables are made from aged Quercus Ilex evergreen oak tree beams and planks sourced from a 1880s disused barn in Croatia.

The Bocuse dining table used in an outdoor poolside setting
The Bocuse dining table can be used indoors and outdoors

The tables are also made from raw stainless steel topped with a rust-proof varnish, made by metalworkers in Lille, France.

Each dining table comes with a registration plate that allows users to trace the provenance of the table's solid oak beams, which is accessed through the NFC function on smartphones.

Close up of Bocuse dining table registration plate
Each table comes with a registration plate that reveals the history of the wood used for the table

The Bocuse dining table is made without the use of wood varnishes or artificial products, which means the natural appearance and texture of wood will be retained over time.

The table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and can be custom ordered to suit any interior.

Product: Bocuse
Designer: Hugo Gaveau
Brand: Oakâme
Contact: [email protected]

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