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Notre-Dame Cathedral after fire

Commenter suggests Notre-Dame cathedral is "turned into a discotheque"

In this week's comments update, readers are debating a proposal to give Notre-Dame a tourist-friendly makeover and discussing other top stories.

Plans to restore Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris have emerged, including replacing confessional boxes, altars and classical sculptures with modern art murals.

According to the Daily Telegraph, new light and sound effects designed to create "emotional spaces" could also be added, alongside a "discovery trail" through themed chapels, including one with a strong environmental focus.

Quotes from the Bible would also be projected onto chapel walls in various languages, including Mandarin.

"The cathedral is a World Heritage Monument"

Commenters have had a mixed response. "Can it turn into a discotheque at night?" asked Limelight USA.

Pavarreon was less keen: "The cathedral is a World Heritage Monument. It is also a religious institutionalised structure dedicated to cult and worship – certainly not a tourist's facility. Would we accept St Paul's Cathedral in London, St Peter's Basilica in Rome or La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to become circuses? Shame on them."

Chris D replied: "Are the freestanding art pieces and sound and light effects all removable? Yes. Will the actual cathedral fabric be restored as it was? Yes. Problem? No."

"Thanks for putting this all in perspective," concluded Frank. "I bet zero per cent of the people screaming about this know that the golden cross at the high altar of Notre Dame was designed, constructed, and installed in the 1990s."

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A hand inside the unisex condom
"World's first" unisex condom created by Wondaleaf

Commenter claims creator of unisex condom "forgot that sex is about sexiness"

Readers aren't convinced by Malaysian gynecologist John Tang's design for a condom that can be worn by both males and females during sex.

"Someone forgot that sex is also about sexiness," said Andrew. "It is not just a binary reproduction or non-reproduction issue. Wrapping a thin plastic bag around your reproductive organs doesn't look very appealing."

"Would be a good product to stop the spread of STDs," replied Ken Steffes. "That should be the focus of new products like this, not the act of having sex."

"Should be called the Innie Outie," concluded Design Junkie.

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Al Bayt Stadium for Qatar World Cup
Stadium in giant tent completes ahead of World Cup in Qatar

Reader says FIFA 2022 World Cup stadium's analogy "doesn't really hold up" 

Commenters are debating Dar Al-Handasah's 60,000-seat Al Bayt Stadium in the Qatari city of Al Khor. The tent-like structure was created for the 2022 World Cup and named after the historic bayt al sha'ar tents that were used by nomadic people.

"Shame the tent shape is not visible internally," said Steve Leo.

Alfred Hitchcock disagreed: "The tent analogy doesn't really hold up when you see that it needs a motorway for access and it's surrounded in concrete and a sea of parking."

"Modernist dogma demands the outside form be reflected on the inside, demands form be abstract and not representational, and demands dissenters be ridiculed," replied JB. "The vast majority don't care and will simply recognise this form as culturally relevant and pleasing to look at."

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Exterior of TH House by ODDO Architects
ODDO Architects builds TH House on tiny infill plot in Hanoi

Commenter says "projects like this are what architecture is about"

Readers are wowed by Vietnamese studio ODDO Architects' design for a five-storey family home in Hanoi. The plot measures just four metres wide and six metres deep.

"Yet more Vietnamese magic," said Think. "There must be something in the water."

Marius agreed: "Not the first good project from ODDO Architects. Young practice with accomplishments. A fine house, clever execution, commendable."

"Projects like this are what architecture is about for me," concluded Zea Newland. "This is yet another exciting structure from Vietnam. I love the focus on functionality – and boy what an interesting site to build on."

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