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Soho office phone booth by Meavo

Dezeen Showroom: booth and pod brand Meavo aimed to combine high-quality construction with an affordable price tag in its Soho office phone booth, which provides privacy in the workplace.

The Soho office phone booth is a sound-dampening booth that offers acoustic and visual privacy for one person at a time.

It is designed to fit with the interior style or colour scheme of any office and can be customised in over 1,000 colours or a wood grain finish at no additional cost.

The Soho office phone booth includes a small worktop, LED lighting, ventilation to freshen the air, power sockets, USB-A and USB-C charging ports, and a wireless charging pad for your phone.

Soho office phone booth by Meavo
The customisable booth provides both acoustic and visual privacy for workers

To reduce environmental impact, Meavo uses recycled plastic bottles for Soho's acoustic felt lining, with each phone booth containing over 800 bottles.

For every booth sold, the company also promises to plant 50 trees and provide two solar lamps to families in Zambia.

Product: Soho
Brand: Meavo
Contact: [email protected]

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