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Shelved Media Furniture used as a tv unit

Shelved Modular Furniture by Shelved

Dezeen Showroom: British brand Shelved has launched the Shelved Modular Furniture, a storage furniture system that users can customise into different configurations.

According to Shelved, the furniture system offers maximum storage without sacrificing floor space, making it ideal for flats and apartments.

Shelved Modular Furniture used as a room separator
Shelved Modular Furniture is adaptable to a range of user needs

"If the user's needs should ever change, the furniture can change with them," said the brand. "They can reconfigure it, add to it and move with it, making the system truly timeless."

Shelved has a range of pre-made modular set-ups that users can choose from, including TV units, sideboards, display shelving and home office arrangements featuring desks.

Shelved Modular Furniture used as decorative shelving
Shelved Modular Furniture is made in the UK

Alternatively, users can customise pre-made Shelved Modular Furniture or create their own arrangement of modules using an online 3D product configurator.

"Shelved Modular Furniture combines sleek, minimal aesthetics and clever product design with straightforward, simple assembly," said Shelved. "From a relatively small set of parts, countless configurations and designs can be made."

Shelved Modular Furniture used as a desk space
Users can design their own arrangement of Shelved Modular Furniture online

Made in the UK, Shelved Modular Furniture consists of a metal framework and melamine particle board panels available in multiple finishes.

Additional features include planter boxes with waterproof liners and fabric panels that can be used as notice boards.

Product: Shelved Modular Furniture
Brand: Shelved
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Shelved Modular Furniture used as a sideboard
Shelved Modular Furniture used as a desk with storage