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LayRed 55 flooring by IVC Commercial

LayRed 55 flooring by IVC Commercial

Dezeen Showroom: designed to look like wood or stone, IVC Commercial's LayRed 55 intends to deliver natural-looking flooring with added durability and acoustic performance.

LayRed 55 is a luxury vinyl tile created by IVC Commercial to combine the benefits of strength, comfort, acoustics and design.

LayRed 55 flooring by IVC Commercial
The LayRed 55 flooring is built from 12 layers, each targeting a benefit such as durability or acoustic performance

It has a 12-layer design, including a rigid vinyl core with dual-layer glass fibre reinforcement and an underlay beneath it that dulls impact noise. The underlay is integrated into the design, assuring better longevity.

On top, a 0.55-millimetre-thick wear layer is double coated with TwinGuard lacquer, protecting it from scratches and stains and giving it a matt finish.

LayRed 55 flooring by IVC Commercial
The luxury vinyl tile is available in a range of wood looks as well as stone effects

LayRed 55 is available as a plank of 131.7 x 18.9 centimetres in 14 wood looks or as a tile of 60.96 x 30.33 centimetres in eight stone effects.

The flooring is made in Belgium using 30 per cent recycled materials.

Product: LayRed 55
Brand: IVC Commercial
Contact: [email protected]

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