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Repose sofa by OKHA via Twentieth gallery

Repose sofa by OKHA via Twentieth

Dezeen Showroom: an organic shape sculpted from wood defines the Repose sofa, created by South African interior design studio OKHA and available via Twentieth gallery.

OKHA originally designed the Repose sofa for a coastal villa that required bespoke furniture as part of its interior design.

Repose sofa by OKHA via Twentieth
The Repose sofa has an organic, fluid shape that came from loose sketching

The sofa's organic form solved the problem of how to create natural circulation of movement within the unusually proportioned space, while providing a highly sculpted piece that served as a visual anchor.

OKHA creative director Adam Court translated Repose from a loose sketch in his notebook to a wooden-framed sculpture then shaped and modelled the foam seating.

Repose sofa by OKHA via Twentieth
Its flowing shape is reminiscent of a languid, resting figure

"Aside from its physical, visual features, which I find sensual, feminine, and very human, the sofa is well-conceived in terms of ergonomics and practicality," said Court.

Repose is available in five different sizes ranging from 102 to 157 inches in width and can be customised with matching ottomans. Its cylindrical plinth base comes in either brass or wood.

Product: Repose
Designer: OKHA
Brand: Twentieth
Contact: [email protected]

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