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Reader edit by Astro Lighting

Reader edit by Astro

Dezeen Showroom: lighting brand Astro has curated an edit of stylish bedside readers including fixtures combining both ambient and task lights.

Astro's reader edit covers both classic and contemporary wall-mounted designs that provide focused task lighting for the bedside.

Zeppo reader light by Astro Lighting
Astro's selection of readers includes Zeppo, which incorporates an opal glass ambient light

One of the choices is the Zeppo Reader, which offers ambient lighting in the form of a round opal glass diffuser beside its small directional LED task light.

Another is the Edge Reader Mini, which in addition to its task light, has an indirect light that shines a soft glow onto the wall behind the panel.

Edge Reader Mini by Astro Lighting
The Edge Reader Mini incorporates an indirect light behind its wall-mounted panel

There is also the Side by Side USB, which incorporates a more classic fabric shade for its ambient light, and also includes integrated USB charging.

Made to suit hospitality, commercial, and high-end residential projects, Astro's readers can be adapted to any interior through their finishing and mounting options.

Product: Reader edit
Brand: Astro
Contact: [email protected]

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