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"Criminals will love" BMW's colour-changing car says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are debating BMW's updated electric iX SUV and discussing other top stories.

Car brand BMW has unveiled a version of its iX SUV that can change colour from black to white in order to suit the driver's mood.

Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, the concept car is wrapped in "digital paper" that is also used to form the screen of the Kindle e-reader.

"It will 100 per cent be in the next James Bond movie"

Commenters are torn. "100 per cent in the next James Bond movie," said Bobby Dazzler.

"Criminals will like this feature!" continued FokkovanderVeen.

"It's actually a really interesting development," replied Yourastar, "but I can't help but think that in this form it's a bit of a novelty. It won't be widely used in the industry due to multiple factors, ease of damage or repair, etc. Perhaps a missed opportunity for this tech."

Muckers 270 agreed: "Sounds like nothing was wasted on this fickle, high-end, social media-obsessed, fashion-conscious, consumer-focused product that will never see the light of day."

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Santiago Calatrava fined for "gross negligence" of Ponte della Costituzione design
Venice to replace glass steps on Santiago Calatrava-designed bridge amid "almost daily" falls

Commenter defends slippery Ponte della Costituzione bridge saying "life is inherently dangerous"

Readers are discussing news that the city of Venice is set to replace the glass floor of Santiago Calatrava's Ponte della Costituzione bridge over the Grand Canal with stone due to the high numbers of pedestrians slipping and falling.

"How dare they slip over on this work of art," joked JB. "But while they are down they should humbly give thanks to visionary architects."

"Ironically, I heard the new stone pavers will require a protective coating of banana peels, eels, and that stuff that holds tomato seeds together," added Steve Hassler.

Michael was more serious: "Life is inherently dangerous. Personal responsibility and risk assessment based on physical ability is what makes people free. I am sure the majority of people walk across the bridge without incident. We are going bankrupt trying to make the world perfectly 'safe' for everyone. Not to mention killing beautiful and/or creative design."

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A House for Artists was designed by Apparata
Apparata designs affordable housing development A House for Artists in London

Reader praises a "promising new generation of very interesting social housing projects in England"

Architecture studio Apparata has started conversations about social housing with its design for a community-oriented housing development in east London. A House for Artists was designed to provide low-cost housing and workspace for 12 artists and their families.

"Elegant and well proportioned," said Pavarreon. "It pertains to this promising new generation of very interesting social housing projects in England. Lucky tenants who live in this project, since they might be enjoying a certain quality of life."

"It's interesting that people like this kind of building," replied Cornelis Kater. "Yes, it seems to be well done regarding formal aspects. But why oh why do we have still these concrete facades? Why can't social housing have materials that will age with grace?

"It's pretty damn cool," concluded Hint of Brain. "Inhabit the space with potted plants, some kilim area rugs, strategically placed sculptures, and a wide array of original artwork on the walls, and the place will come to life."

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Isle of Dogs Pumping Station illustration by Adam Nathaniel Furman
Postmodern architecture celebrated in illustrations by Adam Nathaniel Furman

Commenter says "postmodernist architecture is the best thing that happened in the 20th century"

Readers are divided over designer Adam Nathaniel Furman's vividly coloured illustration series called Postmodern Icons, which celebrates buildings including Chicago's James R Thompson Center and London's Isle of Dogs Pumping Station (pictured).

"Postmodernist architecture is the best thing that happened in the 20th century," said Prbslv.

"I'm no fan of postmodernism," replied BillH11103, "but at least someone is celebrating it in art, albeit simple art. Better than what's happening with brutalism, which is just being destroyed like sandcastles in Brighton. No architecture style should ever be spurned or destroyed, even the ugliest. It's still architecture."

"Pastel-washing the horrors of postmodernism," continued Marc Sicard. "Hard pass."

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