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Enigma coffee table collection by Hessentia

Dezeen Showroom: putting a contemporary twist on traditional inlay techniques, the Enigma coffee tables from Hessentia feature a code-like pattern with optical effect.

In the Enigma collection, narrow black and white wood tiles are inlaid across the sides of the tables to create a digital pattern.

Enigma coffee table by Hessentia
The Hessentia coffee tables are made with inlaid black and white wood tiles

The finish, called Matrix, is available in either a natural or glossy lacquered finish, the latter matching the black glass tabletops.

Made by expert craftspeople, the Enigma collection pays tribute to the antique cabinet-making techniques of the 18th century while bringing in a distinctive modern element.

Enigma coffee table by Hessentia
The inlay pattern puts a contemporary twist on traditional cabinet-making techniques

The tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are made out of Kapok wood from Central Africa.

Product: Enigma
Brand: Hessentia
Contact: [email protected]

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