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Detalji bench by Jenni Roininen for Nikari

Detalji bench by Jenni Roininen for Nikari

Dezeen Showroom: created by designer Jenni Roininen for Nikari, the Detalji bench is a warm minimalist piece with features woven from paper yarn.

Meaning "detail" in Finnish and representing a union between Finnish designers and manufacturers, the Detalji bench was made in collaboration with paper yarn specialists Woodnotes.

Detalji bench by Jenni Roininen for Nikari
The Detalji bench features details made of paper yarn by the brand Woodnotes

Both brands value natural wood materials, craftsmanship and minimalist design — principles that they embedded in Detalji.

The bench's seat is covered in Woodnotes's Woodpecker fabric, designed by Ritva Puotila, and spun and woven from undyed paper. Additional paper yarn is tied around each end of the bench to make a complementary detail.

Detalji bench by Jenni Roininen for Nikari
The Finnish brands collaborated to create a minimalist piece that was warm and made of all-natural materials

"My idea was to create a timeless design that lasts in use for centuries to come," said Roininen.

Detalji is made of solid, sustainably grown oak wood and features Nikari's signature joinery techniques. It is made without any synthetic ingredients, to avoid environmental harm.

Product: Detalji
Designer: Jenni Roininen
Brand: Nikari
Contact: [email protected]

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