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Plauto table by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms

Plauto table by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms

Dezeen Showroom: designers Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti combine flat, curved and pointed features to highlight the tactile beauty of wood in the Plauto table, created for Miniforms.

The Plauto table is named after the Roman playwright Plautus. It is an all-wood table that sits on two leaf-shaped legs, each ending in a clean edge, with a top showcasing its rounded and flat qualities.

A photograph of the wooden Plauto table by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms
Curved, flat and pointed shapes combine in the all-wood Plauto table

"The idea behind Plauto table is a sculptural but light guise, designed by a game of balance between straight and curved lines," said Cappello.

"The result of it can only be a piece of furniture that transcends its role and becomes a measured protagonist of the space."

A photograph of the Plauto table by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms
The table comes in various woods and finishes, including black ash

The Plauto table is available in three sizes ranging from 200 to 300 centimetres. It also comes in the choice of flamed oak, Canaletto walnut, or black ash wood.

Alternatively, the wooden legs can be paired with a ceramic or marble tabletop.

Product: Plauto
Designers: Paolo Cappello and Simone Sabatti
Brand: Miniforms
Contact: [email protected]

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