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A bed with white sheets and green pillows backed onto a wall painted in a light green Teknos paint and side wall exposed timber

Teknos interior paints provide "better indoor air quality"

Dezeen promotion: Finnish paint brand Teknos has released a range of paints designed to improve resident's wellbeing by purifying indoor air.

Named Biora Air, the paints absorb and neutralise aldehyde pollutants such as formaldehydes from interior spaces.

According to Teknos, air contaminants are odourless, which makes them difficult for residents to detect before noticing health effects, such as irritation to the eyes, nose, throat and skin.

Depending on the concentration of aldehydes and the size of the space, surfaces painted with Biora Air paints can purify air for "five to 10 years".

"Indoor air is polluted by many sources, such as the outside air, building materials and furniture," said Teknos. "Impurities that can be found include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), small particles or harmful microbes such as mould."

A wall painted in a cool toned mauve Teknos paint with a white desk, red desk lamp, pink diary and a jar of flowers
Biora Air paints have a matt finish and a purifying technology that helps reduce the amount of aldehydes in the air

Throughout Villa Lippa, a modern house located in Lohja, Finland, Biora Air paints were used on walls and ceilings to give a sophisticated matt finish while also purifying the air.

"Paints have become increasingly functional and can affect living comfort and health," said Heli Virtanen, interior designer for Villa Lippa. "The less formaldehyde there is in indoor air, the cleaner and healthier homes or public spaces are for people to enjoy."

"This new paint was a natural choice for Villa Lippa as it is designed for maximum wellbeing of its residents."

Dining and living room furnished with natural wood tables and chairs with CLT wall structure and large windows overlooking a forest and lake landscape
Villa Lippa is surrounded by the natural Finnish landscape, which informed the design of the interior

The house's wooden surfaces were also treated with Teknos' Helo Solana Wax, which provides UV protection and preserves the natural tone of the timber.

In the bedrooms, the Biora Air paint was tinted to Teknos' Colour Your Story colour collection shades of soothing white and grey.

"The surrounding nature of Villa Lippa is very beautiful and calm," said Virtanen. "I wanted to bring the same feeling inside the house."

"The natural and peaceful whole is made from durable, genuine high-quality materials and timeless design."

Bed with white sheets and green pillows with the back wall painted in a light green Teknos paint and side wall clad with timber.
Biora Air is designed to improve indoor air quality and the well-being of residents

Teknos is a coatings company based in Finland, which supplies a wide range of paints and coatings to the manufacturing industry, building professionals and consumers.

To view the Biora Air paint collection, visit Teknos' website.

Photography is by Joonas Finer.

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