Spirit coffee table by Monogram via Galerie Revel with a chunky oak base and a glossy white inverted cone for a tabletop

Spirit coffee table by Monogram via Galerie Revel

Dezeen Showroom: French design brand Monogram has released the Spirit coffee table, which is sold via Galerie Revel and has an inverted cone for a tabletop.

Finished in high-gloss lacquer, it adds a sense of refinement to the Spirit table that is contrasted against the raw, organic feeling of its heavy exotic oak base.

Aerial view of coffee table with circular glossy white top and dark wooden base
The Spirit coffee table combines an exotic oak base with a glossy lacquered top

The tabletop itself is an inverted cone made from medium-density fibreboard (MDF), which Galerie Revel says gives a "weightless" sculptural effect to the resulting piece.

The Spirit coffee table is part of Monogram's upcoming Escales collection, which borrows elements from 19th-century furniture and reinterprets them for contemporary sensibilities.

Neutral-hued living room centred on circular white Spirit coffee table by Monogram via Galerie Revel
The different forms and materials combine to create a sculptural effect

The limited-edition product is handmade in Morocco and serial numbered and signed by its designer, French architect and Monogram founder Aro Vega.

Its conical, lacquered top is available in off-white and black as well as other colours on request.

Product: Spirit coffee table
Designer: Monogram
Brand: Galerie Revel
Contact: [email protected]

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