Low-lying Tribu sofa with multi-coloured pebble-shaped seats by Studioforma

Tribù sofa by Studioforma

Dezeen Showroom: created by Swiss architecture and design practice Studioforma, the Tribù sofa is a colourful seating island that invites socialising.

The Tribù sofa features an elliptic walnut wood base topped with pebble-shaped upholstered seats in various sizes and patterns.

Aerial view of elliptic walnut wood sofa with pebble shaped upholstered seats
Tribù is a seating island that invites socialising

The seats have backrests for comfort while brass detailing on the frame and legs adds to the sense of warmth and luxury.

The sofa was designed by Studioforma founder Alex Leuzinger, who infused it with his memories of visiting Africa as a child – an influence that can most overtly be seen in the patterning on the textiles.

Geometric patterned textiles on elliptic seats of Tribu sofa by Studioforma
The sofa's upholstered seats are shaped like pebbles

"The seating island of Tribù is celebrated as a place of socialising and simultaneously reflects the uniqueness of everyone in our society today," said Studioforma.

The design is suited to public areas such as lobbies and includes integrated USB ports in the base to allow sitters to charge their devices.

Product: Tribù
Designer: Alex Leuzinger
Brand: Studioforma
Contact: [email protected]

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