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Moci dining table by Moa Sjöberg for Asplund

Moci dining table by Moa Sjöberg for Asplund

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish brand Asplund has launched the Moci dining table by Moa Sjöberg, a designer described as having "a true minimalist way of thinking".

The Moci dining or meeting table has an oak veneer top on solid oak legs and is distinguished by its elegantly rounded edges.

A photograph of the dark brown wooden Moci dining table by Moa Sjöberg for Asplund
The Moci dining table has solid oak legs and an oak veneer top

Moci was awarded furniture of the year in RUM Magazine's Swedish Design Awards 2022, which commended the table's balancing of the straight and the curvy, the firm and the soft, and the light versus the bold.

The table is available in two sizes, with lengths of 240 or 280 centimetres.

A photograph of the wooden Moci dining table by Moa Sjöberg for Asplund
The design is said to feel at once familiar and fresh

Sjöberg is a recent design graduate discovered by Asplund while she was still at the Carl Malmsten Furniture School, and Moci is developed from one of her final student projects.

"We are always looking for products with the aesthetics and utility that we cannot find on the market but that feel familiar and welcoming," said Asplund creative director Sandra Adrian.

Product: Moci
Designer: Moa Sjöberg
Brand: Asplund
Contact: [email protected]

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