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Long dining table and chairs from Koster outdoor collection by Studio Norrlandet for Skargaarden on a patio

Koster outdoor furniture by Studio Norrlandet for Skargaarden

Dezeen Showroom: Studio Norrlandet has designed Skargaarden's Koster collection of outdoor chairs and tables to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

With Koster, Studio Norrlandet wanted to produce a set of outdoor furniture that would pass the most stringent load and durability tests – while looking like something that founders Jari and Anna Visuri would want in their own garden.

Square wooden dining table with matching chairs on a patio
The Koster collection is designed to withstand extreme weather

Among other things, the furniture was tested to see if it could withstand high winds on a skyscraper roof without blowing away.

"We were looking for a comfy, uncomplicated, beautiful and simple design," said Jari Visuri, who is also founder and CEO of Skargaarden. "Chairs that are easy to sit in, even when you have a lot of chairs close together around the table."

Koster outdoor chair by Studio Norrlandet for Skargaarden close up on grey rope seat
The collection's chairs and tables are made of teak wood and UV-resistant rope

The resulting Koster collection incorporates a chair, bar stool and tables in three sizes, all made of teak wood with UV-resistant rope seats and backrests.

The pieces have a Swedish sensibility, which extends across all Skargaarden products, and can be left outdoors year-round.

Product: Koster
Designer: Studio Norrlandet
Brand: Skargaarden
Contact: [email protected]

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