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Hemp fabric by Camira

Hemp fabric by Camira

Dezeen Showroom: made from one of the world's most carbon-sequestering crops, the Hemp fabric by Camira is designed to showcase a rich variation in tone.

First launched in 2012, Camira's Hemp fabric is made from a blend of wool and hemp fibres, combined into a classic weave.

Hemp fabric by Camira
The Hemp fabric by Camira is a classic of sustainable design

The hemp comes from a minimally psychoactive strain of cannabis sativa, grown in England and processed using environmentally conscious methods such as dew retting, which involves allowing dew and rain to break down the plant so its fibres can be extracted.

The crop itself is fast-growing and highly carbon-sequestering – it captures atmospheric carbon twice as effectively as forests, according to recent research by the Centre for Natural Material Innovation at Cambridge.

Hemp fabric by Camira
The fabric is available in 21 rich, muted colours

According to Camira, Hemp has grown into one of its "most iconic and loved" fabrics, and one whose merits have been proven as sustainability issues have come to the fore over the last decade.

"One of our proudest achievements, [Hemp] is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the market, providing incredible environmental benefits, and is also beautiful in its aesthetics," said Camira senior innovator Jodie Padgett.

Product: Hemp
Brand: Camira
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