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Radient Reimagined lights by RBW

Dezeen Showroom: RBW has expanded its Radient range with Radient Reimagined, a collection of wooden wall light fixtures that come in various colours and shapes.

The selection of light fixtures builds on the existing range but incorporates optimized LEDs, intended to create a stronger and brighter lighting effect. The range has also been expanded with more shape, size and finish options.

Radient lights along a neutral wall
The Radient Reimagined lighting fixtures come in many shapes and colours

"As an upgrade to our best-selling Radient sconce, the new Radient creates a diffuse halo of light, pairing minimalist design with the texture and warmth of solid, sustainably harvested-wood," said RBW.

"The new collection now offers more options for customising the sconce's simple wooden shade, with two shapes, three sizes and four finishes to choose from," it added.

A black Radient Reimagined lighting fixture
The fixtures have powerful LEDs which give off a strong light

Users can choose from circles or squares with widths of eight, 10 or 12 inches. They can also customise the finish by selecting from Caribbean walnut, white oak, black ebonized oak or a white painted finish.

As with all of the lighting in the Radient collection, Radient Reimagined is meant to be hung in multiples. According to the brand, the simplicity of its design means many can be paired together in the same room.

Several wooden light sconces by RBW
The collection comes in two shapes, three sizes and four finishes

To create the fixtures, RBW sourced wood such as oak and Caribbean walnut lumber from Tuux, a design studio based in Mexico City.

Additionally, the brand ensured that the finish on each fixture is greenguard-certified for indoor air quality.

Product: Radient Reimagined
Brand: RBW
Contact: [email protected]

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Radient Reimagined by RBW
Radient Reimagined by RBW
Radient Reimagined by RBW
Radient Reimagined by RBW
Radient Reimagined by RBW
Radient Reimagined by RBW
Radient Reimagined by RBW
Radient Reimagined by RBW