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Ekstrem chairs by Varier in yellow, green, black, white and rose

Ekstrem chair by Terje Ekstrøm for Varier

Dezeen Showroom: Norwegian brand Varier has rereleased a classic piece of postmodernist furniture, the Ekstrem chair, in new fabric options.

The Ekstrem chair has been largely unchanged since its launch in 1984 and is now available in a knitted velvet fabric called Gentle 2 from Danish upholstery brand Kvadrat.

Woman sitting in a green Ekstrem chair by Varier
The shape of the Esktrem chair allows users to sit in a number of different positions

Originally created by industrial designer Terje Ekstrøm, the Ekstrem chair has a playful and organic shape that is designed to become a statement piece in any room.

"Adding character to any space, Ekstrem's qualities of premium design make it a stand-alone object while offering an out-of-the-ordinary sitting experience through its playful functionality," said Varier. "Sit forward, sideways, turn all the way around, or kick your feet up on the armrests and discover comfort in new ways."

Close up of yellow, rose and blue Ekstrem chairs
The chair is now available in Gentle 2 fabric, which stretches around the tubular form

The Ekstrem chair achieves its shape from a tubular steel frame with polyurethane foam padding. The upholstery is made up of 28 separate pieces of fabric that are sewn together and manually fitted to the unique shape of the chair.

The velvet Gentle 2 fabric is available in six colours, including orange, rose, blue, green, black and white.

Close up of a person sitting in a green Ekstrem chair
Ekstrem was originally created in 1984 by Norwegian designer Terje Ekstrøm

"The knitted stretch velvet has a voluminous expression, featuring a rich surface with an elegant shine," said the brand.

"With its excellent stretchability, the fabric clings to curves in a particularly elegant way, making it ideal for upholstering organic shapes and the perfect fit for Ekstrem."

Product: Ekstrem
Designer: Terje Ekstrøm
Brand: Varier
Contact: [email protected]

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