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Bowl table by Ayush Kasliwal for Mater made with waste coffee shells, holding a plant and twine

Bowl table by Ayush Kasliwal for Mater

Dezeen Showroom: Mater has released a new version of its Bowl table by Indian designer Ayush Kasliwal, which is made from coffee waste mixed with recycled plastic.

"We're excited that we can now offer our Bowl table in both a sustainable version in mango wood and a circular version in our waste composite Mater Circular Material," said Mater founder and CEO Henrik Marstrand.

"Our goal is for our existing furniture collection to move from being sustainable to being circular."

Light grey bowl table by Mater made with sawdust
The light grey version of the Bowl table is made with plastic waste and sawdust

The brand's Mater Circular Material combines fibrous industrial waste with a recycled plastic binder.

For the Bowl table, two versions of the material are available – one using coffee shell waste and the other sawdust as an aggregate, while plastic waste from bathroom fittings brand Grohe acts as the binder.

Two side tables by Ayush Kasliwal next to a wooden bench
Mater aims to transition all of its production to circular materials

The sawdust version has a light grey colour while the coffee waste version comes in two different hues – black and beige.

Mater has a take-back system for its furniture, so all items can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling. The Mater Circular Material can be reprocessed up to five times.

Product: Bowl table
Designer: Ayush Kasliwal
Brand: Mater
Contact: [email protected]

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Bowl table by Ayush Kasliwal for Mater