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Support by Kettal

Support office meeting spaces by Kettal

Dezeen Showroom: design brand Kettal has released Support, a series of open-plan meeting spaces for office interiors, which allow colleagues to gather.

Support is part of Kettal's Pavilion O collection and comes in four iterations. One is a sleek reception and lounge area, the second is a joint reception, meeting and printing space, while the final models are a separate locker unit and a kitchen.

Reception and waiting area
One of the spaces is a reception and waiting area

While these iterations are designed to cater to various client and employee needs, each model has the same general design specifications.

The Support models are made up of a curved aluminum structure that comes in two different dimensions and features an open-plan layout that can be inserted into an existing office.

Support kitchen model
Colleagues can relax in one of the kitchen models

The meeting spaces are finished in a vast range of terrain paints such as dusty, mauve-coloured Ash or the darker red Ruby Dust hue. A variety of side panel and ceiling fabrics are also available to furnish the structures.

The models feature acoustic panels and absorption systems in order to provide a level of noise control and can also be customised with both fabric or glass panels to cater to occupants' preferred working environments.

Support Kettal lockers
A locker unit is included in the Support series

Support meeting spaces are also kitted out with air ventilation systems, LED lighting and PIR sensors.

"The models are functional spaces that support the smooth running of your business," said Kettal. "From receptions and printing areas to kitchens and lockers, there are additional areas that every modern office is expected to have."

"We have designed structures that can provide for all of these support areas in the most stylish way."

Product: Support
Brand: Kettal
Contact: [email protected]

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Support by Kettal
Support by Kettal
Support by Kettal
Support by Kettal