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Commenter calls The Colburn School extension "a love child of Gehry and Koolhaas"

In this week's comments update, readers can't believe that plans to extend The Colburn School in Downtown Los Angeles were designed by architect Frank Gehry and are discussing other top stories.

The Colburn School, a place for training musicians and dancers, has enlisted Gehry Partners to build the Colburn Center – a significant expansion to its current facilities.

At the heart of the 100,000-square-foot campus expansion is a performance space oriented around a 1,000-seat theatre.

"Suprisingly tame for Gehry"

Readers are flabbergasted. "Suprisingly tame for Gehry," said Miles Teg.

"He found his set-square!" exclaimed Maiki Larkins.

Ken Steffes replied: "Finally something not so garish,"

"... or Gehry-ish," added Alfred Hitchcock.

"A young Gehry and Koolhaas love child," concluded JZ.

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The Balldo sex toy in grey
Balldo sex toy turns testicles into a dildo

"Two balls or not two balls? That is the erection" says reader

Commenters are baffled by a sex toy that allows testicles to be used for penetrative sex. Billed as "the world's first ball-dildo", the Balldo cradles the user's testicles within a silicone container that can be inserted into a partner.

"Two balls or not two balls?" said Jim Angrabright. "That is the erection."

"It's like the meme where people imagined we would all have flying cars in 2022", continued Roelv, "and instead we have Balldo."

"I really can't imagine how this can be anything but painful," concluded Guy. "But each to their own, I guess."

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Frida Escobedo set to design The Met's new wing

Commenter says the "time is ripe for clients to look for talented architects who aren't well known"

Readers are discussing The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York's decision to have Mexican architect Frida Escobedo design the new Oscar L Tang and HM Agnes Hsu-Tang Wing.

"Well-chosen," said Ulisses Papa. "The time is ripe for clients to start looking for talented architects, young or old, who are not necessarily big names or continuously in the limelight. Congrats to Frida!"

Walter Astor disagreed: "Given the prestige, the budget and sheer size and prominence of the project, I would have thought the Met Museum would be selecting an architect with a proven track record of designing projects of this size and scale."

"Escobedo will likely be paired up with an experienced executive architect," replied Clarencesomerset, "who will handle the CD/CA while her firm does the conceptual designs and maybe DD. It's fairly common for a younger, more popular designer to hand off execution to a larger, more experienced local executive firm."

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Plywood kitchen cabinetry by Nimtim Architects
Nimtim Architects updates London house with plywood partitions and arch motifs

Architect responds to readers commenting on London project

Commenters are engaging in conversation with Nimtim Architects about the studio's use of plywood joinery within the interior of a 1920s house in Southwark, London.

"Looks great in CAD but it's shame it didn't carry through," said Mike Dean. "The details look a little unresolved and the overall feel is one of a temporary DIY holding design rather than a meaningful intervention."

Nimtim Architects director Tim O'Callaghan responded: "Thanks for your comments Mike. I'm impressed you can see the ply edges so clearly in these photos. We actually used a low VOC plywood which had a few more imperfections than regular ply but was healthier for our clients and their family."

"Not sure I buy the terracotta but I get what they were going for," concluded JZ. "The cabinets are great, visually calming with a staid energy and a nice injection of po-mo tactics. Great transformation."

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