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Glazed Gyrofocus fireplace by Focus

Glazed fireplaces by Focus

Dezeen Showroom: French fireplace brand Focus has released glazed versions of three of its most popular designs, giving them a sliding window intended to increase energy performance.

The new glazed design is available on the Gyrofocus, Domofocus and Ergofocus wood-burning fireplace models, which all feature a suspended, rotatable firebox.

Glazed Ergofocus fireplace by Focus
Ergofocus is one of three fireplace models that has been given a glazed update

The update adds a curved, sliding glass window to the front of the fireplaces, allowing Focus to improve the energy efficiency of the models while still giving an uninterrupted view of the flickering flames inside.

The glazed models are Ecodesign certified and compliant with the European Union and United Kingdom's pollution limits for 2022.

Glazed Domofocus fireplace by Focus
The Domofocus fireplace has a curvaceous design

According to Focus, closing the fireplaces required huge technological innovation, as it is particularly difficult to do within the curved, organic shapes of the Gyrofocus, Domofocus and Ergofocus.

The models all feature air supply regulation mechanisms at the base of the window, making it easy to adjust the intensity of the fire.

Product: Glazed
Brand: Focus
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