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Blue-grey serving cart, coffee table, sofa and partition situated by an outdoor pool setting

DNA outdoor furniture collection by Gandia Blasco

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish brand Gandia Blasco has expanded its DNA collection of outdoor furniture to include pieces finished in aluminium, which is intended to mimic the appearance of wood.

The DNA collection includes dining tables, serving carts, outdoor beds and sofas, which are designed for a variety of outdoor spaces, including private gardens to large contract facilities.

The series, which was originally released in teak, is informed by the patterns of light and shadows created from window shutters typically found on the Mediterranean coast.

Three white DNA sofas with shuttered frames situated next to an outdoor pool
The collection is informed by window shutters found on the Mediterranean coast

The new additions are made from a metal composition that Gandia Blasco has dubbed "faux wood aluminium". The composition is designed to imitate the warm, chestnut tones of wood, while the use of aluminium improves durability and ensures easy maintenance.

"The new DNA designs maintain the architectural character of the collection in its most versatile essence," said Gandia Blasco. "Its geometric lines and structural austerity mark it as a design that divests itself of any superfluous ornament."

Bottle green dining table and benches in an outdoor setting
The DNA collection is made from aluminium that replicates the appearance of wood

The collection is customisable. It is available in a range of fabrics and materials to suit a wide range of outdoor settings.

The furniture also comes in a variety of colours, including agate grey, sand, wine red, blue-grey and bottle green.

Product: DNA Collection
Designer: José A. Gandía-Blasco Canales
Brand: Gandia Blasco
Contact: [email protected]

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