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Mochi sofa by Derlot in different colours

Mochi seating by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Dezeen Showroom: created by Alexander Lotersztain for Australian furniture brand Derlot, Mochi is a seating collection that can be combined in a variety of arrangements.

Mochi has a simple silhouette with rounded edges and is designed to blend well into any setting, including residential and commercial spaces.

The rectangular seat comes in varying lengths and is available with or without a backrest.

Mochi sofa by Derlot
Mochi seating is available with an optional backrest

The Mochi seating arrangements are intended to encourage interaction and conversation.

The collection is named after the Japanese rice cake, which shares the collection's smooth and soft appearance.

Mochi by Derlot
The sofas have soft rounded edges

"Mochi's pared-back, poetic silhouette charms from every angle and adds a welcoming feel to any situation," said Derlot.

"The self-assigned design intent with Mochi was to create an elegant and impactful form, an upholstered sofa collection with a level of comfort that blurs the boundaries of residential aesthetics and commercial qualities."

Product: Mochi
Designer: Alexander Lotersztain
Brand: Derlot
Contact: [email protected]

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