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Kelp Collection chair by Interesting Times Gang

Kelp Collection chair by Interesting Times Gang

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish studio Interesting Times Gang has designed a 3D-printed chair made from recycled fishing nets.

Named Kelp Collection, the chair has a curved and organic shape that is made possible by 3D printing.

Kelp Collection chair by Interesting Times Gang
Recycled fishing nets used in the chair's material gives it a bright green colour

"Kelp Collection is inspired by biomimicry, with undulating lines and organically swaying silhouettes to emulate the forms found in ocean vegetation," said Interesting Times Gang.

"The design is also ergonomically functional and gives the chair a very nice dampening effect which makes it an absolute joy to sit in."

Kelp Collection chair by Interesting Times Gang
Kelp Collection chairs have an organic shape, informed by ocean vegetation

"The chair was created to bring attention to the fact that vast amounts of known underwater kelp forests have been eradicated due to unsustainable fishing practices and rising ocean temperatures," the brand continued.

Kelp Collection is made from a material that uses recycled maritime gear such as ropes and fishing nets, which is where it gets its green colour from.

The maritime gear is combined with wood fibres, a recycled FSC-certified bi-product from the saw mill industry, to create the furniture's bio-composite material.

Kelp Collection chair by Interesting Times Gang
The chair is made by 3D printing

Kelp Collection can be ground down into bio-materials and reused to create new objects.

The chair was originally designed for chefs Niclas Jönsson and Daniel Höglander, who wanted custom furniture for their sushi restaurant in Stockholm.

Product: Kelp Collection
Designer: Alexander Westerlund
Brand: Interesting Times Gang
Contact: [email protected]

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