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Division Twelve launches showroom in New York Design Center

Promotion: furniture brand Division Twelve has partnered with Canadian design studio Figure3 to redesign its showroom in New York City.

Figure3 redesigned Division Twelve's New York showroom in the New York Design Center to have a playful interior that reflects "the brand's edginess, quirky nature and vibrant colours".

The showroom was designed to showcase Division Twelve's furniture products, which are exhibited in the centre of the room and hung on a feature wall that was created to be an Instagrammable experience.

A photograph of Division Twelve's showroom
Division Twelve's New York showroom is located in the New York Design Center

"We wanted the Division Twelve showrooms to be an opportunity to set ourselves apart," said chief marketing officer, Meghan Sherwin.

"The design Figure3 delivered does exactly that, while providing our clients with the opportunity to experience and engage with our products up close."

The products featured on the showroom wall include Division Twelve's stackable Catty chair, which is displayed to highlight the product's lightweight metal frame and curved form.

A photograph of Divison Twelve's colourful Catty chair, which is stacked up on a wall
Products featured on the showroom wall include Division Twelve's stackable Catty chair

As Division Twelve expands its ranges, it intends for its showroom's feature wall to be used to display its latest designs, making them the focal point of the space.

Other Division Twelve products are displayed in the centre of the room, on platforms of varying heights, which allows visitors to experience the furniture from various perspectives in space.

The products include Division Twelve's cushioned Daytrip seat in black, the Shop Stool in light grey, and the Resto chair in pink.

A photograph of Division Twelve's Catty chair, which comes in a range of colours, including yellow, pink and green
Division Twelve's Catty chair comes in a range of vibrant colours including green, yellow and pink

All of Division Twelve's products are made in North America from durable materials with careful craftsmanship, and trend-forward design, according to the brand.

The showroom is also decorated with colourful custom graphics, which showcase the range of furniture colour choices, "while the use of dimension and scale suggests the limitless possibilities available with the bent steel furniture line".

A photograph of Division Twelve's New York Showroom, with blue seating and a white table
Division Twelve also has a showroom in Chicago, which was opened in April 2021

"The goal of both the Chicago and New York showrooms was to bring the Division Twelve brand to life," said director of retail design Mardi Najafi.

"The New York showroom design is a continuation of the idea that the furniture should be celebrated, put on a pedestal, and treated like a gem," he continued.

"To capture this joyful energy, the design brings Division Twelve's playful products and bold branding to life in a memorable, highly Instagrammable shop-in-shop experience."

Divison Twelve's showroom featuring its latest products
Division Twelve intends for its showroom to be used as a space to exhibit its latest products

Toronto-based interior studio Figure3 specialises in design-based research and strategy and helps brands achieve the "best connection between people and place".

Its clients also include Penguin Random House Canada and Virgin Mobile.

Division Twelve was acquired by furniture manufacturer Keilhauer in 2020 and is located next to the Keilhauer Showroom in the New York Design Center.

To view Division Twelve's products, visit the brand's website.

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