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Chatpod 700 by Jeffrey Ibanez for Impact Acoustics

Chatpod 700 by Jeffrey Ibañez for Impact Acoustic

Dezeen Showroom: with room for up to four people, Impact Acoustic's Chatpod 700 booth by Jeffrey Ibañez provides a quiet space for team meetings.

Impact Acoustic claims its Chatpod series is the most sustainable office booth on the market, with a composition made from recycled materials including post-consumer cardboard, plastic bottles, sawdust and rubber.

A navy Chatpod 700 by Jeffrey Ibanez for Impact Acoustics
The Chatpod 700 is available in either a high table or bench configuration

The Chatpod 700 is a medium-sized model, with space for up to four people, and either a high table configuration for standing meetings or a bench seating configuration. There is also the option of a whiteboard or screen holder.

The booth's interior and exterior are clad in Archisonic material, creating a soundproof environment inside and also dampening surrounding noise outside.

Chatpod 700 by Jeffrey Ibanez for Impact Acoustics
Inside there is room for up to four people

The material is available in a palette of 28 colours and the frame in 10 hues.

The Chatpod 700 comes largely preassembled and can be completed on-site in 90 minutes. The product can also be reconfigured and extra modules added at a later stage, to adapt it to changing needs.

Product: Chatpod 700
Designer: Jeffrey Ibañez
Brand: Impact Acoustic
Contact: [email protected]

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