Flex Perch by Steelcase

Flex Perch stool by Steelcase

Dezeen Showroom: the Flex Perch stool by US office furniture brand Steelcase is designed with sustainability and workplace space-saving in mind.

Flex Perch combines a light frame with a sloping seat to allow easy maneuverability and is designed as a place for people to perch and lean while staying active.

Flex Perch by Steelcase
Flex perch is lightweight and stackable

Gliders on the stool's feet allow easy movement on hard flooring as well as carpet for a variety of configurations, and its splayed leg structure facilitates easy storage when not in use.

"Nest any number of these stools in a compact row, and fan them out across the room right when people want them for a quick think or sharing session... [the stool] transforms a space to suit the team's needs in seconds," Steelcase said.

Different colours of Flex Perch stools used in a workspace
The Flex Perch stool is designed with sustainability and workplace space-saving in mind

Steelcase collaborated with BASF on the design of Flex Perch resulting in the stools being made through a process that takes post-consumer electronic waste and turns it into raw material for manufacturing.

The stool is 100 per cent recyclable and is available in red, dark blue, light blue, white and grey.

Product: Flex Perch
Brand: Steelcase
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