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Botanical Booth by ROOM and Tuppence Collective

ROOM and Tuppence Collective bring nature into the workplace

Promotion: ROOM, a provider of modular workplace solutions, has announced the European launch of its Botanical Booth, which has a banana leaf-printed interior created by pattern designers Tuppence Collective.

ROOM's flagship modular product, the Phone Booth is designed to provide a soundproof private space for phone and video conferencing, as well as focused or creative tasks, within open office environments.

For Earth Month, ROOM partnered with Tuppence Collective to give the booth a botanical makeover. The brand wanted to bring calming features into a product category that is usually geared towards efficiency and "bring a hint of nature into the workplace which has been proven to increase creativity and boost productivity".

A photograph of the Botanical Booth
The Botanical Booth has a leaf-printed interior created by pattern designers Tuppence Collective

In the design of the collection, Tuppence Collective's founders, designers Alicia Perry and Rebecca Intavarant were inspired by the Arts and Crafts Movement, particularly its use of natural motifs, and often create their patterns by hand.

"We chose to work with Alicia and Rebecca because their work represents nature and it reminds us of our connection to our planet as living beings," said ROOM vice-president of workspace strategy and design Alejandra Albarran.

"Introducing this pattern is also an effort to subtly create constant awareness of our impact on our environment and our responsibility as humans to respect, protect and preserve the natural world."

Flatlay of an artist's worktable with hand painting plant leaves on white paper
Tuppence Collective developed the botanic print from hand-painted illustrations

The tropical-inspired banana leaf print lines the interior walls of the Botanical Booth and is made from a series of paintings Tuppence Collective created using thick acrylics, which gives it "a very unique, illustrative look," according to Albarran.

The print creates a tranquil environment inside the booth, with a custom oak-veneered desk and built-in power sources for charging devices.

Other features of ROOM's booth include silent fans to ventilate the space and acoustic insulation made from recycled materials to block out noise from outside. There is also a motion sensor to activate the fans and lights, improving energy efficiency.

ROOM introduced the Botanical Booth in North America in 2018 and relaunched the limited edition piece in Europe during Earth Month, the month of activity surrounding Earth Day.

Tuppence Collective develop botanical print design from paintings of plants pinned to the wall
The design studio is inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement and its approach to nature

The brand sees the booth as an example of biophilic design, using natural elements indoors, and is designed to reduce stress, increase productivity and motivation and boost creativity.

"Our Botanical Booth is one of the many workplace solutions from ROOM that companies can use to offer a better workplace experience, enabling businesses to create workplaces that make employees feel happy and valued at work, as well as making them more creative and productive," Albarran said.

"The nature-inspired pattern aims to counteract the stress of the built environment by offering a refuge of visual natural plants designed to soothe the mind on even the busiest of days."

The natural motif is meant to help ease stress and promote energy and creativity
The botanical print is available on Phone Booths with either a black or white exterior

ROOM aims for its designs to be sustainable, using more than 1,000 recycled plastic bottles in each booth and Repreve recycled polyester in its woven canvas interior lining.

Its Phone Booth was also the first in the industry to be Greenguard Certified, which means it has low chemical emissions for better indoor air quality.

The exclusive botanical print is available on Phone Booths with either a black or white exterior. The Botanical Booth is available for a limited time on the ROOM website.

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