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Three models wearing accessible underwear from Adaptive Collection by Kim Kardashian's brand SKIMS

Kim Kardashian launches inclusive SKIMS collection for people with limited mobility

Kim Kardashian's shapewear brand SKIMS has released an underwear line for people with disabilities, which combines easy-access closures with a range of sizes and colours to suit different skin tones and body types.

The Adaptive Collection includes a bralette and three different types of panties, which can be secured in place using hook-and-eye fasteners on the front or sides.

This subtle accessible-design feature makes them easier for people with limited mobility to put on and take off.

Two models wearing accessible underwear in nude colour
SKIMS has launched a range of adaptive underwear

"To get into typical panties, usually I have to sit down and put my prosthetic through one side and then my other leg through the other side," said Paralympic athlete Scout Bassett, who is the face of the new range.

"And with this, you can be standing, you can be sitting, you can be in any position. It's really easy to be able to get in and out of it."

The hook-and-eye closure is held in place using lightweight "micro bonds" rather than traditional seams, allowing it to lie flat against the body.


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Paralympic athlete Scout Bassett is the face of the new range

This creates a more comfortable fit without adding bulk to the construction that would be visible under clothing.

"Unlike other adaptive lines that feature zippers that are a little bit bulky, velcro which sticks to everything, or even magnets which are heavy and also create bulk, I really like that the hook-and-eye closure is very low profile," Bassett said.

"It's flat, it's lightweight, you can wear tops over it where you wouldn't even see the fact that it has an adaptive element."

Model in a wheelchair wearing SKIMS adaptive underwear
They are secured using eye-and-hook closures at the front or sides

The range is an extension of SKIM's Fits Everybody collection, which features underwear in a broad range of sizes from XXS to XXXXL rendered in a soft nylon-Spandex blend that stretches up to twice its size.

The accessible additions include a bralette, thong, briefs and boy shorts, each available in a choice of four neutral colourways – clay, sienna, cocoa and onyx.

"Another nice element of this collection is that it provides people with options and styles and colours," Bassett said. "And that's something that the adaptive community is not always offered."

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian launched SKIMS in 2019, with a focus on offering shapewear in an inclusive range of sizes and colours.

The brand opened its first pop-up store in October of last year with a glossy interior by designer Willo Perron. Shortly after, the company launched a new fundraising round that doubled its valuation to $3.2 billion.

Three models wearing nude underwear
The pieces come in a range of colours to suit different skin tones

Expanding SKIMS' accessible offering is a key strategy for the brand going forward, according to co-founder and CEO Jens Grede.

"We recognized a gap in the market to offer adaptive solutions that are not only accessible and easy to wear, but that are also extremely comfortable, sleek, and available in an assortment of shades and sizes," he told Fast Company.

"The global adaptive clothing market is estimated to be worth over $400 billion in the next four years, which speaks to the significant and long-ignored need for more innovation and growth in this space."

All images are courtesy of SKIMS.