Three Explorer vases by BD Barcelona containing leaves and flowers

Explorer vases by Jaime Hayon for BD Barcelona Design

Dezeen Showroom: Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has created a collection of colourful ceramic vases with rounded shapes for furniture brand BD Barcelona Design.

Named Explorer, the vase collection is a continuation of a series of Explorer side tables Hayon designed for the brand.

Explorer is available in three variations, each of which features colourful elements combined into a sculptural vase.

White Explorer vase with green leg stands and red handles in a showroom space with large green leafs and flowers
Hayon designed the vases to be both sculptural and functional

One model stands on three white ceramic spheres while another is elevated from the ground by three legs, which extend beyond the height of the centre vase to become separate thin vases.

"The materialisation of these vases requires great skill because of the apparent contradiction of joining a ceramic rounded piece to another rounded shape," said Hayon.

Red Explorer vase by BD Barcelona on a bar top in a dimly lit room
The Explorer vases have a glossy finish

BD Barcelona Design describes the vases as "not just functional, but sculpturally dynamic".

"The rounded shapes are matched up really well with the shades and colours chosen," the brand continued.

The Explorer vases come in a combination of red, green, blue and white colours and have a glossy finish.

Product: Explorer vases
Designer: Jaime Hayon
Brand: BD Barcelona Design
Contact: [email protected]

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