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Laminate flooring solutions by IVC Commercial

Laminate flooring solutions by IVC Commercial

Dezeen Showroom: flooring brand IVC Commercial has launched a new range of natural-looking laminate flooring solutions made from recycled or discarded wood.

No tree was felled to make the laminate flooring ranges, which boast the look of wood but deliver high performance suitable for commercial use, with scratch- and wear-resistance.

Laminate flooring solutions by IVC Commercial
IVC Commercial's new lines of laminate flooring combine a wood look with a high-performance finish

The new lines – Dhara, Nesta, Fika and Tuffa – are made from wood recovered from responsible sources or discarded as a by-product of other industries.

The recovered wood is processed into a high density fibreboard (HDF) core and given a finish that withstands heavy use and makes it easy to clean and maintain. It includes a texture that follows the wood grain pattern and a natural-looking extra-matt finish.

Laminate flooring solutions by IVC Commercial
The flooring is made from 100 per cent recovered and waste wood

The names of the new ranges reference Scandinavian words and concepts, with Tuffa meaning "resilient state of mind" and offering the most hard-wearing option, made to withstand the world's most intensively used locations.

IVC Commercial transports the product using low-carbon options, and it comes in fully recyclable, FSC-certified packaging.

Product: Laminate flooring solutions
Brand: IVC Commercial
Contact: [email protected]

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